Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Little Lady is ONE!

 The best family pic we could get ;)

Riley turned one on April 16th and we had her birthday party the following day. The weather was perfect so we had it outside. I chose a ladybug theme for her and it was adorable! She really got into her cake...so much so that we pulled out a metal tub and had an old-fashioned outdoor bath :) It's hard to believe it's been a year already. We are so thankful that God blessed us with her. She is a sweet, happy, loving baby and she adds so much love and fun to our family.

Papa and Biggie with their grand-girls

sweet birthday girl

The birthday cake and Riley's ladybug smash cake

Maybe black icing wasn't such a good idea...

She thinking "What have I done?"

All clean!

nothin' cuter than a little hiney :)

special sugar

Now for 12 things about Riley:
  • She can say "Mama," "Dada," "byebye," "uhoh," "nana," (banana) and is trying to say Sawyer "Aw-er"
  • She's not walking yet, but is standing up more and more on her own and cruises everywhere
  • She's the fastest crawler I've ever seen
  • Riley is a great eater and loves fruits and veggies, especially bananas (she can eat at least 2 in one sitting)
  • She's got 9 teeth now
  • She loves playing with her brother, and he loves to help her walk by holding her hands
  • She signs "finished" and "more"
  • She gave up her bottle about a week before her birthday without any fuss
  • Riley gives the sweetest, sloppiest, open mouth kisses ever :)
  • At her 1 year check-up, she weighed 24lbs 1oz and was 31in long (3lbs more than Sawyer was at a year old)
  • She loves to play outside
  • We've been working on animal sounds, and so far she knows a monkey says "ah-ah-ah"


Krissy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Riley!!

It's been fun watching her grow this past year!

Kelly Rogers said...

It seems like all of us in blog land are busy because I am playing catch-up on my blog reading and commenting today (I'm like 6 months behind on some!) and I see you haven't posted since April! But I so loved reading this post, especially since Gavin and Riley are only a month apart. But they have so many differences! Gavin didn't start saying a few words until 15 1/2 months, so I will write about it in his 16 month post. He says "Dada," "Daddy," "Mama," and "yuck." He didn't start walking until 14 months, so they do have that in common. And Riley had 9 teeth at 12 months??? Gavin is almost 16 months now and still just has 4! He can also sign "all done" and "more" and loves to play outside. And finally, Gav is just 21.5 pounds at almost 16 months! My little guy really is little!!

joven said...

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