Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 month check-up

Riley had a great check-up today. The fluid was gone from her ears (yay!) and our pediatrician started her on some reflux medicine. She weighed 10lbs 14oz (50%) and was 23.25in (90%)--so I guess she's going to be like her Daddy! I was pleased that she gained 2lbs this past month, especially since she had surgery 3 weeks ago! She did get 3 shots and has been a little fussy, but we're so thankful for the great report!

Monday, June 22, 2009

2 months old

This post is a little late...almost a week but oh well. Riley was 2 months old on the 16th. Time has really flown by--I thought Sawyer grew up fast, but it seems like Riley is growing even faster! She is a sweet, happy baby most of the time. She loves to smile and to talk ("ooh" and "aah"). I had to take her to the doctor a week and a half ago because she was so fussy and she had ear infections in both ears, but was better the very next day after starting a stronger course of antibiotic. She weighed 10lbs 5.5oz and I'm anxious to see what she weighs at her official 2 month check-up tomorrow. And praying that the fluid has cleared up in her ears!

She loves her Daddy!

You can't resist these little pink piggies!

So happy! She looks like a little Buddha baby!

Sawyer is still crazy about Riley. He says several times a day "I love her." The other day, we were outside playing and Riley was in her bouncy seat. She has a birthmark (hemangioma) on her arm and Sawyer was looking at it. He asked where/why she had it and I said that God gave it to her when she was born. He looked up at the sky and yelled "Oh, thank you God!" He is being a little more rambunctious--blame it on the 100 degree weather that's keeping us from getting to play outside until it's almost dark!

Sawyer fell asleep like this in his playroom--he was exhausted!

He said he was "working on the power lines." Don't look away for a minute!

And blame my lack of posts on going back to work. This will be my 3rd week back. It is nice to get out and have some "adult" time but I do miss them terribly. It's tough being gone from 5:30am until 8:30-9pm but it's only 3 days out of the week. And thanks to Biggie (my mama) for keeping them!

Monday, June 8, 2009

11 days post-op

It's been 11 days since Riley's first surgery! She looks great! Who knew that I would be so nervous/paranoid/obsessed with her incisions?! I'm going to be a nervous wreck with the final lip repair...that has been scheduled for August 25th. It was either then or the end of October--I figure it's best to go ahead and get it done before she gets too active.

Don't you just love Sawyer's "bandaid"?! And farmer's tan!

Monday, June 1, 2009

How Sweet...

I think Sawyer and Riley missed each other as much as Brock and I missed Sawyer! These pictures were taken right after Sawyer got home Sunday (yesterday) afternoon. I still don't think that Sawyer notices Riley's cleft--he asked what her Logan Bow was and that was it. How wonderful would it be if we all had such innocent hearts?

And I took this picture last night after cleaning Riley's lip...