Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Little Cowboy

Sawyer is really loving his pony. Pop bought him a cowboy hat last week and Sawyer thinks it's the best! He was wearing it galloping around the house the other night. Everday when Brock gets home from work, Sawyer asks to go saddle up his horsie and ride. Then he explains to me (every time) how he needs to go put on his big blue jeans and boots "like this" (demonstrating to me) so he can go ride.

A little nervous during his first ride

Much more confident now

All smiles

So excited that he fed Little Joe by himself

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 months old

Riley is 5 months old today! It's going by SO fast! She's also 3 weeks post-op. The suture that was coming up through her skin dissolved on it's own and fell off today. Yay! Only 3 more weeks of arm restraints and steristrips. I'm honestly so tired of the restraints...I know they are required to help protect the awesome work that Dr. M did, but I'm ready for Riley to be able to be a regular baby. A baby that can play unrestricted, can put her hands in her mouth, can roll around on the floor. Dr. M is pleased with how her lip is healing. She does have a little puffiness under her nose and I'm hoping we can help reduce that by putting her steristrips on tighter.

Here are 5 things about Riley:

  • she loves to be naked and take baths--she's likes to splash around
  • she's laughing out loud and is very ticklish
  • she can roll over both ways, but not with the restraints on :(
  • she can sit up fairly well with little support
  • her favorite toys are her bouncy seat and overhead gym
And one more thing...she loves to growl!!

Here are some pictures I took today:

Lilah & Riley
And some of Riley playing this week:
Sawyer & Riley playing under the gym (and Riley trying to roll over) 
Sawyer thought Riley wanted to play with her dolls

Monday, September 14, 2009

5 years

Today is our 5 year anniversary! Brock and I were married at sunset on Makena Secret Surf Beach in Maui, Hawaii. We dated for 5 years before we got married. During that time we were in several weddings and decided that a big production was not for us. So to Maui we went! It was beautiful and was the trip of a lifetime! Now, if I could only convince Brock that we have to go back (he's not much of a traveler).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Photography by Sawyer

Sawyer loves taking pictures with my camera. Usually I just delete them because they're typically really close-up pictures of the remote, couch cushion, toys, etc. The other night he had my old camera and managed to take a few decent pictures. I'll have to be sure to let Santa know that Sawyer might want his very own kid camera for Christmas.

Sissy Roo--the only picture out of 10 that her head wasn't cut off
Daddy looking a little crazy
 self portait--and close up view of boogers (sorry, he has a cold)
I've been thinking that I want a new camera for Christmas. I have a Fugi FinePix that I got for Christmas when Sawyer was a baby. If any of you have a awesome camera, I'd love to hear about it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretty Face and Ponies

Here's a look at Riley's beautiful, unobstructed face! Her Logan's Bow fell off Saturday night thanks in part to tons of drool and Riley pulling on it every chance she could get when her restraints were off. Man, she's fast! I took the opportunity to take a few pictures after I changed her steristrip last night. Dr. M says that there are two "dots" on the right scar line that we need to keep an eye on. They are dissovable sutures that are just under the skin. I'm praying that they resolve on their own and we don't have to make any unscheduled trips to Boston! But we couldn't be more thrilled with Riley's result. And are so proud of her dimple!

Sawyer went to Lottie and Pop's (Brock's parents) house Saturday afternoon and came home with a pony! They took Sawyer to the local horse show and came back with this little prize. He was already named Little Joe, but Sawyer insists that his name is Joe Dexter (that's Brock's daddy's name). I think it's hilarious. I've suggested every name I can think of to change it to, but Sawyer wants him to be Joe Dexter. Sawyer is so excited about him!

I fully intend on posting more about Riley's surgery, but I just haven't had time. Naps have been hard to come-by (Riley wants to be held and wakes up the second her body touches her bed). I'm hoping I have time to post more this week! Happy Labor Day!