Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 months old

Riley is 5 months old today! It's going by SO fast! She's also 3 weeks post-op. The suture that was coming up through her skin dissolved on it's own and fell off today. Yay! Only 3 more weeks of arm restraints and steristrips. I'm honestly so tired of the restraints...I know they are required to help protect the awesome work that Dr. M did, but I'm ready for Riley to be able to be a regular baby. A baby that can play unrestricted, can put her hands in her mouth, can roll around on the floor. Dr. M is pleased with how her lip is healing. She does have a little puffiness under her nose and I'm hoping we can help reduce that by putting her steristrips on tighter.

Here are 5 things about Riley:

  • she loves to be naked and take baths--she's likes to splash around
  • she's laughing out loud and is very ticklish
  • she can roll over both ways, but not with the restraints on :(
  • she can sit up fairly well with little support
  • her favorite toys are her bouncy seat and overhead gym
And one more thing...she loves to growl!!

Here are some pictures I took today:

Lilah & Riley
And some of Riley playing this week:
Sawyer & Riley playing under the gym (and Riley trying to roll over) 
Sawyer thought Riley wanted to play with her dolls


Joy Howse said...

She is looking awesome! Those 3 weeks will fly by and be done before you know it. It is amazing the things they can learn even while having the restraints on and how quickly they catch up on the back side. Hang in there mom, you are doing the best thing for your sweet, little one.

Krissy said...

She is healing so well -- love those big blue eyes :o) Sounds like she is starting to do all kinds of fun stuff!!

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

What a beautiful little lady! Dr. M did a fantastic job!

Kelly Rogers said...

Love the pictures! She is absolutely beautiful! She seems to be healing very well. We weren't very fond of the arm restraints, either, but they will be off soon enough and she'll be back to rolling around in no time.