Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 Months Old

It's so hard to believe that Riley is 6 months old already! She is growing and learning so much! At her six month check up last week, she weighed 19lbs 4oz and was 27.25 inches. So she's gained over 11lbs and grown over 7 inches since she was born!

  • Riley can sit for a couple of minutes without any support
  • She really loves her much so that she rubbed a blister on her big toe
  • She really loves baby much so that she gained 3lbs in a month since she started
  • Peas, sweet potatoes and bananas are her favorites
  • Riley loves to splash in the tub
  • She has her first tooth...her lower right tooth has broken through
  • She's trying to hug...she grabs us really tight by our face, hair, clothes...whatever is in reach
  • She's definitely got the high-pitched, top of her lungs girl sqeal down to a science
Thanks to her recent spurt in weight gain, I'm afraid all of the cute winter clothes on bought on sale in the Spring won't last too long. The shirt she's wearing the picture up top is a 6-12 months and is definitely snug ;)

She is 8 weeks post-op and we've stopped steri-strips and started massage with Mederma. We'll also have to be deligent about applying sunscreen whenever she goes outside.

Don't let the food running out of her mouth fool you...she was distracted by the camera

That 's not a carpet stain, I promise...

Happy Fall Y'all!