Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretty Face and Ponies

Here's a look at Riley's beautiful, unobstructed face! Her Logan's Bow fell off Saturday night thanks in part to tons of drool and Riley pulling on it every chance she could get when her restraints were off. Man, she's fast! I took the opportunity to take a few pictures after I changed her steristrip last night. Dr. M says that there are two "dots" on the right scar line that we need to keep an eye on. They are dissovable sutures that are just under the skin. I'm praying that they resolve on their own and we don't have to make any unscheduled trips to Boston! But we couldn't be more thrilled with Riley's result. And are so proud of her dimple!

Sawyer went to Lottie and Pop's (Brock's parents) house Saturday afternoon and came home with a pony! They took Sawyer to the local horse show and came back with this little prize. He was already named Little Joe, but Sawyer insists that his name is Joe Dexter (that's Brock's daddy's name). I think it's hilarious. I've suggested every name I can think of to change it to, but Sawyer wants him to be Joe Dexter. Sawyer is so excited about him!

I fully intend on posting more about Riley's surgery, but I just haven't had time. Naps have been hard to come-by (Riley wants to be held and wakes up the second her body touches her bed). I'm hoping I have time to post more this week! Happy Labor Day!


Kelly Rogers said...

Riley looks absolutely beautiful! Dr. M did a wonderful job. She is such a pretty little girl! And a horse for Sawyer? How fun! I love the picture of him on the horse, he looks so happy, it's adorable.

Joy Howse said...

Her repair looks awesome! Aiden started to 'spit' a stich as well. It just took a little while for the dissolvable stitch to work it's way out, but eventually it did just that. We just kept putting batracin cream on it to keep it soft and add a little friction while rubbing it on to get it to come to the surface.

A pony? wow, what a gift to come home with. He looks so proud sitting on his horse.

Hope you are having a blessed extended weekend and have a wonderful week.

The Dawkins said...

She looks great!!

Heather said...

Wow, what a beautiful lip!! I still remember seeing Aidan's after the stitches came out and was just amazed. Glad you got a second to snap the photo!