Thursday, May 14, 2009


When will Sawyer learn that being potty trained is a good thing? When we go somewhere he does great, staying dry and letting me know when he needs to go. When we are at home he does horribly, wetting his pants constantly and always denying that he needs to go. I guess he'll do it when he's ready. Let's hope he's ready soon.

He's going to love me for taking these when he's a teenager ;)


Joy Howse said...

Great blackmail for those future girlfriends, love it. :) i always swore my daughter would be graduating high school before she got the hang of it all, but believe it or not she had it down before preschool. :) One day it just clicks.

Ashley Hester said...

Taylor said he would be mad at you if he were Sawyer! He said you should take the pics down! He's sticking up for his cousin. Thought that was sweet!

Anonymous said...

Now, mama there's still hope! Eric was almost 3 when he finally decided to be a big boy and put down those diapers! Just look at him today - all grown up with a new baby girl. We are so excited about our new cousin Riley. She is beautiful. I hope she and Audrey Myzelle (Eric and Stephanie's) can meet one day. I am praying for you! Love, Ann Paulk