Friday, December 18, 2009

8 Months Old

It's been a while since I've posted! I wrote a 7 month post for Riley, but never actually posted it because I never had time to add pictures. So here's her 8 month update:

  • She's started crawling, but only has one gear...REVERSE! It is so funny to watch her go from sitting to down on her tummy (the picture below is after she's crawled backwards under the Christmas tree)

  • She has three teeth now--two on bottom and one on her top right
  • She's still a drool monster, but her cheeks and neck have greatly improved since I started using Aveeno Soothing Relief lotion
  • She's babbling and "talking" all the time. She woke up last night and was talking in her crib and it sounded like she was saying "Mama" but I can't get her to say it on demand.
  • All of a sudden, she's not liking any green veggies. She did love them and I thought peas were once one of her favorites, but now she just gags. But she eats all other foods with enthusiasm!

  • She loves her brother and thinks he's quite funny--she gets tickled just watching him play

  • She's clapping

  • Riley can stand with a little support (and help getting up)

  • She's still my chunky monkey with rolls and dimples everywhere
  • She loves bathtime and sitting up in the tub playing with her toys
  • She is content to play by herself a lot of the time
  • She's got her big girl carseat now and loves it

She truly is a sweet, happy, content baby and we are so proud that God blessed us with her! It's so hard to remember what our life was like without her.


Joy Howse said...

Love all the photos and especially the family photo at the end. She always seems to have that serious face. Alexis used to do the same thing and still does most of the time in pictures. I hope that you and the entire family have a blessed Christmas.

Kelly Rogers said...

Great post! I really enjoy reading about what Riley is doing since she is just a month younger than Gavin. And wow - three teeth already? Gavin still doesn't have any and he's 9 1/2 months now. It is great that she loves her baby food, Gav is still pretty picky and only seems to like his cereal. Baby food is still a struggle. He's still nursing but I'm planning on stopping at 1 year so hopefully he finds some other foods to enjoy!

I love the pictures, especially the family shot. Riley is such a beautiful baby! I also really love the first picture of her, she looks angelic.

Heather said...

Just love the picture of her on the porch in that dress. Adorable!!! And I remember that reverse crawling stage... funny they learn to go backwards first!