Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Riley 10 Months

Riley is 10 months old today! It's surreal that she's going to be one year old in just two short months. Here are a few new things she is up to:

  • She's pulling up and cruising.
  • She's officially done with baby food--after tasting "real" food she decided she didn't want anymore bland, baby stuff!
  • She's doing great with her sippy cup and we have cut out one bottle already and have almost cut out a second one. 
  • She's babbling a lot but no real words yet.
  • She waves bye-bye.
  • We went back to the pediatrician today to have her ears checked. No fluid today so tubes aren't in her immediate future.




Kelly Rogers said...

Riley is an absolute doll! That first picture of her in the hat is just too cute. Gavin is a month ahead and still doesn't have any teeth. It must be so nice to have Riley on table food. Gavin is still just getting used to Stage 2 foods. He's quite the picky eater. :o)