Tuesday, January 20, 2009


At my routine 25 week ultrasound, we found out that Riley is going to be born with a cleft lip. We went to UAB today for a targeted ultrasound with a perinatologist. Riley has a bilateral cleft lip and probable palate. We couldn't see palate definately, but all signs point to a cleft. Absolutely everything else appears to be totally healthy! We are so thankful! We will be going back to UAB next month for a multi-displinary meeting with our perinatologist and the plastic surgeon and team from Children's Hospital. I am sad for Riley that she will have to endure several surgeries during her life, but I am so grateful that she will be a healthy baby. I don't know why God chose this for her, but I do know that He does not make mistakes. She is wonderfully made and will be beautiful!

I love this picture of her feet. She has had her feet crossed like this at every ultrasound I've had. Brock says it's because she's a lady...