Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Little Cowboy

Sawyer is really loving his pony. Pop bought him a cowboy hat last week and Sawyer thinks it's the best! He was wearing it galloping around the house the other night. Everday when Brock gets home from work, Sawyer asks to go saddle up his horsie and ride. Then he explains to me (every time) how he needs to go put on his big blue jeans and boots "like this" (demonstrating to me) so he can go ride.

A little nervous during his first ride

Much more confident now

All smiles

So excited that he fed Little Joe by himself


Terri Cote said...

He is so precious. What a handsome little boy you have and your little girl is adorable. She getting so chunky so I guess that means she's eating good. Thank God you have a good eater. Hope her stitches are dissolving.

Kelly Rogers said...

What fun! I love the picture of Sawyer on the horse with the cowboy hat! How cute!! And the new header pic is adorable. Riley's new smile is so beautiful. It looks like Riley and Gavin are on the same diet plan - Gavin has chubby little arms and legs, too, and I love it! There's nothing cuter than a healthy little baby!

Gordon and Meredith Hatcher said...

Looks like Sawyer's cowboy hat made all the difference in his confidence! Too cute!