Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Mischief...that's exactly what Sawyer's been up to lately. He was in his playroom Friday being very quiet (which is unsual but I decided to relish in the moment). Our computer and other supplies are in a large closet in the playroom. The door to the computer closet has a knob cover so he's not supposed to be able to open it. After being quiet for several minutes he comes into the living room looking like this. He says "I got a marker, Mommy." Yes he did, but luckily only decided to draw on his face and hands.

Saturday when I get home from work, Brock says Sawyer keeps getting out of his bed. I hear him stirring around in his room and go in to find him with his PJ's off, diaper off and a shirt out of his dirty clothes on inside-out and backwards. He explains "I don't like my jamas. I wear this shirt." When I ask why he's taken his diaper off, he says simply "it's wet." PJ's and new diaper back on and he finally goes to bed.

This morning I get up at 7:15. He's not making a sound so I'm thinking he might still be asleep (although he usually wakes up around 6-6:30). I go to his room to find him dressed in this. He says "I like my fish shirt. I get dressed. I want to wear my new shoes." He's taken his PJ's and wet diaper off and put this shirt and shorts on perfectly correctly (even though the high today is supposed to be around 60). He has strown out the new clothes and shoes I got for him yesterday at Kohl's. I asked him to show me his new shoes and say cheese...this is the pose I got. I guess boys will be boys.