Saturday, February 28, 2009

Preggers Together

This is a picture of me at 31 weeks and my sister-in-law, Heather, at 16 weeks. She and my brother, Adam, are expecting Wyatt in August. I'm so glad that I get to pass down Sawyer's clothes that he didn't get to wear nearly enough. It will be fun to see some of my favorites again.

BOSTON BOUND!! Yep, we've decided on a surgeon for Riley. We will be using Dr Mulliken at Children's Hospital Boston. I have been blessed this past week to talk with 4 families that all used Dr Mulliken with fantastic results (2 from Alabama)! I emailed him last Saturday with Riley's 4D ultrasound pictures and he emailed me back within an hour. Did I mention it was Saturday?! I feel very good about this decision and know that this is the place for Riley. Please pray that we will be able to handle the trips to Boston physically, emotionally and financially.


Krissy said...

Congrats on making your decision! When you have some time, I would be interested in knowing more about the surgeon and what draws people from so far away to him.

Lindsey said...

awesome! i know you are excited to have a plan in place. sounds like he will be a great one too. you look wonderful!