Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Thanks to all the mommies of cleft affected children. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated! We meet with the plastic surgeon and team at Children's in Birmingham on March 5th. I have a general idea of questions I need to ask, but if any of you can think of any that I definately shouldn't forget, let me know. Thanks again ladies! Only about 8 weeks until Riley gets here (if she waits for the scheduled date anyway)!


annafowler said...

Hey Nola,

I thought I would just pop in and comment. I found your blog via your post on cleft advocate. I have 2 little boys who were both born with clefts. They are so adorable (you can check them out at our blog: www.fowlerfam.blogspot.com). Hang in there! You are such an amazing mommmy for getting so well prepared for your baby and educated on clefts.

We traveled for our surgeries too, and it was so worth it. Good luck with everything and feel free to email me if you ever want to talk/chat. Sincerely, Anna Fowler (mom to Jimmy and Johnny)